Versatile Infrastructure

Loviisa has premium quality water as well as effective data and road networks and electrical grids. Renewable energy is produced locally.

Electrical Grids

The Loviisa area has a comprehensive electrical grid. The nodal point of the main grid is in Loviisa, so the security of supply is good. The lower grid is built extensively. The Kymenlaakson Sähkö Oy - Kymmenedalens El Ab grid covers most of the Loviisa area. The electrical grid on the west side of Pernajanlahti Bay is owned by Porvoon Energia Oy - Borgå Energi Ab. 

Data Networks

LPOnet Oy Ab offers fast broadband connections in Loviisa. The fail-safe fibre network is built extensively.


Porvoon Energia Oy - Borgå Energi Ab has an extensive district heating network around downtown Loviisa and in the Valko area. The district heating is produced mainly with renewable wood-based fuel. 

Water Quality

Loviisa’s Water Utility supplies good-quality groundwater throughout the Loviisa area. Water is purchased from Oy Loviisan Seudun Vesi - Lovisanejdens Vatten Ab, which has water abstraction facilities in the ridge areas of Myrskylä. Some of the water is obtained from our own water abstraction facilities that ensure security of supply as well. The only chemical used in the water is sodium hydroxide, small amounts of which are used for pH adjustment.