Vacant plots

1. Koskenkylä

You will find smaller industrial plots in the Koskenkylä village centre.
At the Vanhakylä intersection, it is possible to purchase privately owned vacant land that is suitable for industrial use. 

2. Kuningattarenportti

Around Loviisa’s West Exit, there are vacant plots for business, industrial, office or storage space. 
In this area, it is possible to locate a major retail unit that requires bigger space. 

3. Valko

In the trawler harbour area, there are vacant industrial plots where housing may be located as well. 

4. Ahvenkoski

In the Ahvenkoski exit area, there are plots being offered for a petrol station, business buildings or industrial operations. It is possible to locate housing in connection with industrial operations. 

In this area, there is a reservation for hotel, restaurant, spa and sports services as well. 


5. East Exit

This is an industrial area planned as an area for logistics or major companies demanding bigger space. The town plan for the area was approved on May 12, 2010. 

6. Liljendal

Liljendal, located by the intersection to the south, is an area planned for business operations. Land is being offered for industrial use by Liljendal’s North Exit. 

Affordable Price Level

Being located at the edge of a major urban area provides significant cost savings for plot procurement. Plots may be either purchased or leased. 

A Versatile Market

There are many plots being offered for a diversity of intended uses. 


Plots may be divided flexibly into parts of different sizes according to the needs of your company. 

Versatile Infrastructure

Loviisa has premium quality water as well as effective data and road networks and electrical grids. Renewable energy is produced locally. 


Sten Frondén

Development director 
(business plots, stakeholder relationships, 
business premises in the City’s ownership) 
+358 (0)40 559 5525

Loviisa’s harbour is a service centre specialized in industrial cargos. We adjust services according to the customer’s needs.
We are helping enterprises in all subareas of business development and the various stages of operations

City Procurements

The City of Loviisa purchases a significant number of services and products.

We pledge that our operations will be highly customer-oriented and that we will find opportunities and solutions quickly and flexibly.