Vacant business premises

Find suitable premises for your company!

It’s not a long way when you don’t have far to go. In terms of driving time, Loviisa is close by.
It has the idyll of a small town and the service-oriented flexibility of a small city. 

Reasonable Price Level

The cost level of business premises is lower in Loviisa than in neighbouring towns. The difference compared to the price level of Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Sipoo and Porvoo, for instance, is significant. 

Efficient and Effective Location

In Loviisa, you will benefit from both the resilience of a small town and the opportunities provided by the major urban area nearby. 

Good Workforce Availability

You will find that the town has people with strong competence in a diversity of industries. 


Sten Frondén

Development director 
(business plots, stakeholder relationships, 
business premises in the City’s ownership) 
+358 (0)40 559 5525

Loviisa’s harbour is a service centre specialized in industrial cargos. We adjust services according to the customer’s needs.
We are helping enterprises in all subareas of business development and the various stages of operations

City Procurements

The City of Loviisa purchases a significant number of services and products.

We pledge that our operations will be highly customer-oriented and that we will find opportunities and solutions quickly and flexibly.