Vibrant business networks offer synergy benefits to SMEs in the construction, metal, maritime, cultural and creative industries, among others. 

Metal Team – Empowering Metal Industry Companies through Networking

“Metal Team” was a project that helped to spur business collaboration and business opportunities and supported the birthing of a networking metal industry business model in the area. The project helped to gather the area’s metal industry actors, to map business competences, resources and capacities and to launch sheet metal and paint shop work groups that with expert assistance planned development measures and met challenges related to their various themes. The project also involved the completion of feasibility study of an engineering works hotel, which looked into the possibilities of gathering key subcontractors under the same roof with main supplier Hollming Ltd’s mechanical engineering shop in Loviisa. Moreover, a logistics analysis was carried out to determine cost savings and efficiency improvement needs arising from procurements and transports.

Business Training – Competitiveness Provided by Competent Staff

“Business Training in East Uusimaa” was a project that helped to develop the competitiveness and playing fields of enterprises through competent staff. The project spurred workforce training and strived to respond to problems caused to enterprises by the economic downturn. The capability of enterprises to survive the current crisis improved with the rising staff competence level. The employability of workers participating in the training improved as well. 

Functioning as training course case management, the project activated enterprises to develop their competitiveness and their staff competences and careers. The project utilized targeted training courses lasting more than ten days, which were provided by Uusimaa’s Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, as well as other enterprise development products made readily available by the Centre. 

SmartCityHub – Developing Smart Environmental Solutions

This project birthed the SmartCityHub development platform in the area, combining green economy needs, development trends and trendsetter opportunities. The project linked the environmental technology competence existing in enterprises and research institutes in a way that started development for new cleantech solutions. The piloted development platform focuses on building eco-efficient and smart housing and transport solutions as well as water and waste management technologies and competence. 

A subproject covering East Uusimaa defined the cleantech profile of Porvoo and East Uusimaa and launched dialogue and networking activities between cities and businesses toward common goals. By order of Posintra Oy, Synocus Oy mapped more than 40 enterprises in East Uusimaa for their goals and interest in collaborating around the cleantech theme.