Loviisa offers entrepreneurs an excellent operational environment. It features fast and flexible transport connections, strong clusters, thriving local business life and affordable plots. You’ll benefit from both the resilience of a small town and the opportunities provided by the major urban area nearby. 

Great Transport Connections

guarantee flowing traffic going in all directions, whether by land or sea or by rail. 

A Dynamic Harbour

is located close to production facilities and the Capital Region’s consumption area. It is quick, competent and customer-oriented. 

A Strong Business Network

Vibrant business networks offer synergy benefits to SMEs in the construction, metal, maritime, cultural and creative industries, among others. 

Versatile Infrastructure

Loviisa has premium quality water as well as effective data and road networks and electrical grids. Renewable energy is produced locally. 


  • Boomeranger Boats


    Boomeranger Boats Ltd, founded in 1991, is specialized in Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) of the highest quality and solutions for professional marine craft operations. In our purpose-built factory located in Loviisa, Finland, we design and manufacture ad¬vanced composite and marine aluminum Special Operations Boats, Cabin Patrol Boats, Fast Rescue Boats and Workboats. 

  • LPOnet Oy Ab

    Better Service by a Local Company

    LPOnet Oy Ab is a telecommunications company in East Uusimaa, which offers internet, TV and telephone services to both businesses and consumers. The company is investing in building an optical fibre network and fibre network services in Loviisa, Porvoo, Lapinjärvi and Myrskylä. 

  • Gemmi Oy

    Loviisa-based Gemmi Oy designs and manufactures unique fur fashion for international markets. Established in the 1970s, the factory gained new owners at the close of 2014. Together with the company’s own designer and experienced, competent artisans employed at the factory, they have renewed the Gemmi brand and product concept.

  • Do You Have a Story?

    You could get your own success story here!

Loviisa’s harbour is a service centre specialized in industrial cargos. We adjust services according to the customer’s needs.
We are helping enterprises in all subareas of business development and the various stages of operations

City Procurements

The City of Loviisa purchases a significant number of services and products.

We pledge that our operations will be highly customer-oriented and that we will find opportunities and solutions quickly and flexibly.